Casino Money Management: Hit and Run Method

The hit and run method of gambling plays on short gambling sessions and pocket whatever winnings you might have gotten out of your short-term session. One opposing idea to this money management scheme of quitting immediately while you're ahead is that waiting for the winning streak is better when you're talking about the long term profits you might take.

The short-term style of money management may seem to be a killjoy of players who enjoy long gambling sessions. Some may even think that one is a spoilsport when one practices short-term plays and quitting with what little you've gone ahead so far. The short-term play is quite a great money management technique if you consider making money as an option for your gambling session.

Some people may prefer to wait for their winning streak since you'll never really know when that will hit. At times it will just boil down to whether one likes to look at long term profits versus the smaller short-term profits we get when we compare both money management techniques.

One interesting thing that all players ought to take note of is the casino's house edge. We all know that the casino house edge works over time. It is the casino's built in advantage that will attack any exposed bankroll given enough time. The only weakness the house advantage has is that it operates on the law of averages. This means that the casino's house edge shows most of its fangs when players play over a long period of time.

Players who expose their bankroll to the casino's house edge for an extended period of time will statistically start to lose everything (and will) lose it all if they play long enough. This is quite an unavoidable and unfortunate tool that the casino has. That is the case since that is the way the casino makes its money. That is also the reason why casinos operate for 24 hours a day.

That is where waiting for the winning streak falls short when you gamble your money. Correct money management principles will have you play your cash and expose your money to risks but not over a really extended period of time. You should manage your money and win what you can while you are winning and quit when you're already ahead.

And here's where the hit and run or short play session money management technique works. No one really knows when the winning streak will start so when you win something and have gotten quite ahead then stop and take a break. Play again later or you have the option to quit for the day. Try the short-term play money management scheme and see how your winnings pile up little by little.

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