Casino Myths That Players Encounter

There are a lot of superstitions that players follow while playing in an online casino all over the world. While there is nothing wrong on believing the “power” of your favorite slot machine or charms, there are some myths which players never believe.

The 1st myth is if the roulette wheel which has got a result of black 5 times in succession, the next color will be red. It may sound funny to most players but there are still players who believe on betting on trends. Some unscrupulous gaming operators even sell this concept as system to beat roulette. Never believe this kind of crazy system and never worry about the result of the previous roulette wheel spin.

The truth is that each spin is independent from the previous one and the odds for each wager and each result are the same. 2nd myth is that you need to keep track of your results in order to become successful in the game of baccarat. Keeping track of your performance can be interesting. But previous results have again no influence on the future results in baccarat. Your best course of action in baccarat is to always wager on the banker.

The 3rd myth is the progressive jackpots are fixed to be won during a weekend. This is an intriguing misconception but still an unbelievable myth. It is not true that progressive jackpots are not fixed to be won at a certain period. But it is a fact that a lot of jackpots seem to be won during weekends. This is simply because that there are more players coming to casinos during the weekends because they have more free time compared during the weekdays.

This number of customers results in a lot of cash being played and more spins on the roulette wheel and slot machines, increasing the chances that the jackpot will be won by a player. The 4th myth is that slot machines are only played by the elderly. This is absolutely not true.

While most young players go directly to poker and other casino table games to players, there are also young players that thoroughly enjoy playing the slot machines.

Some players believe that the slot machines possess a high casino edge so they try to avoid it as much a possible. But slot machines can be quite enjoyable because players only need to spend a little money to gain the chance to win the jackpot and the 5th myth is that comps are only for players considered to high rollers. The advantage of online casinos is that it gives players the chance to receive some comps no matter what limit they chose or can afford to play.

There are just a lot of wrong misconceptions about casino games out there so it is up to players to know how to recognize it.